EMKAY Container Trading & Depot Arrangement

Emkay Line has its separate container / equipment trading and control department.

This department is equipped with best skilled staff and latest technology which enable them to handle equipments with perfection.

Apart from this, it has its own container depots to store the Equipments and maintain best quality of its own fleet.

In order to cater the equipment requirements, there are Four ways from which Emkay is getting requisite inventory, these are:

By Purchase

By Lease Purchase

By Master Lease

By Having Equipment For One Way Use

At the moment Emkay is buying / selling containers globally. The major areas are Indian Sub Continent, South East Asia, Gulf, Pakistan etc. The quantum of trading is around 1,500 tunes per month combining in all the regions.



Emkay Logistics is working on freight forwarding of FCL through out the globe with its head office in Karachi. At the moment there are more than 50 destinations to which it is giving In–Out service, operating around 10,000 teus per month and planning to expand services globally.




Emkay is moving ample amount of cargo every month and seeing a growing trend in its services and progress. Emkay is among the leading volume leaders from Indian Sub Continent and Gulf.




EMKAY LOGISTICS’ supply chain management package offers single-source solutions to transportation, distribution, inventory control and freight anywhere on the planet.