Afghan Transit

EMKAY is moving cargo in transit to Afghanistan with great competitiveness and competence from all the aspects. It has separate division for taking care of the Afghan Cargo which also includes 1 Transportation services for the easiness of our valued customers.

Afghan division is furnished with latest technology for tracking the boxes in transit to Afghanistan and provide best and dependable service to customers.

Its Efficient Staff at Head Office in Karachi makes it possible for customers to get release of heir boxes in shortest time and will handover those their nominated Agent The agent can then put them on 1 heir way to final destination in Afghanistan.

Emkay Line will also provide you speclalfreetimeto enjoyand deliver thecontalner throughly to Its flnal destination.



Emkay Logistics is working on freight forwarding of FCL through out the globe with its head office in Karachi. At the moment there are more than 50 destinations to which it is giving In–Out service, operating around 10,000 teus per month and planning to expand services globally.




Emkay is moving ample amount of cargo every month and seeing a growing trend in its services and progress. Emkay is among the leading volume leaders from Indian Sub Continent and Gulf.




EMKAY LOGISTICS’ supply chain management package offers single-source solutions to transportation, distribution, inventory control and freight anywhere on the planet.